Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

This Coleman Portable Toilet review will give an in-depth look at one of the most popular camping toilets on the market today. Hopefully by looking at the pros and cons we can help you to decide if this is the correct toilet for your needs. From going to toilet in disposable bags, portable potties are one of the most popular accessories among modern-day campers. With that said, does the Coleman flush toilet live up to expectations? Let’s find out!

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  • 6-liter waste tank
  • 9 x 18 x 16.3 inches
  • 45 pounds

Coleman Flush Toilet features

Large – The Coleman Portable Flush has a self-contained holding tank that is large enough to hold 5 gallons of fresh water. As such, the toilet can be used and flushed multiple times before emptying.

Secure – Coleman worked hard to ensure the lid of the toilet closes fast and securely. A functional lid means you can use the toilet quickly if you wish, and also means the contents are well-enclosed for no smells.

Seat – Unlike a bucket, the seat on this toilet is ergonomically designed to offer comfort as you “go”. In fact, it can feel like you are sitting at a toilet in a home..

One-hand flush – The portable toilet has a locking slide valve that allows you to flush with a single hand.

Storage – The toilet comes with extra compartments that allow users to store cleaning and sanitation products.

Carry handles – With such a large size, the toilet is heavy to move from place to place. Carrying of the toilet is made easier by the moulded handles.

Hose connector – The attached hose connector allows you to give the toilet a quick clean if it’s needed.


  • Huge bowl – bigger than most porta-pottis 
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable


  • Prone to leak around the flush button
  • No pour spout for emptying
  • Toilet bottom may crack for heavier users
  • Slightly too low in height


Who is the Coleman Flush Toilet for?

This toilet is for anyone that wants to go toilet while camping. It allows you to sit down and conduct your business, without getting ants in your pants!


  • Use a funnel to fill the top water tank with clean water.
  • 5 gallons weighs a lot – bear this in mind
  • The flush handle can leak slightly when flushing – although this is only clean water
  • When reattaching the units make sure you get a good seal


Overall, the Coleman Flush Portable Toilet is good, but not the best. It does a good job of and you should be happy with the product, but it does get its fair share of negative comments. You can view our list of best toilets here.

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