The Best Tents for Burning Man

It goes without saying that you want a tent to keep you safe while you’re out camping in the elements. This is especially the case for finding the best tent for burning-man. You see, I’ve been to The Burn and know that you need a strong tent that can withstand dust storms and provide the vital comfort needed. Please note that while there are many camping tents on the market, not all of them are recommended by us.

You may notice that there are only three tents in the guide. That is because these three are the best in their chosen category. The Kodiak Canvas is undoubtedly our #1 tent for burning man. However, some may prefer a more affordable option or prefer a bell design. As a general rule, you want to avoid tents with a lot of exposed mesh and tents that have a weak build. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

Built from a thick canvas material, there is no better tent for The Burn.

Canvas is the best material for protecting users from the elements of the black rock desert. As such, the Kodiak Canvas is our best dust-blocking tent and our overall favorite tent for burning man.

The tent is crafted a light colored canvas material that works to keep you cooler as the sun beams down on you. If the sand starts blowing, then you can run into the Kodiak protect yourself. This also makes this tent perfect for protecting your gear and spare clothing whilst at the festival. It serves as a secure location that allows you to be comfortable, no matter the weather.

The Kodiak 10 certainly isn’t the most affordable tent on the market, but the quality is so high that we think it represents fair value and is a great long-term buy. It will also last a long time, meaning you can use it year after year. If it’s outside your budget then you may want to go for the Coleman Instant.

In regards to set-up time, we recommend practicing before you go camping. After all, you don’t want to be fumbling around in the rain. With practice, it isn’t hard to set up, but the materials are heavy.

Which leads us to our next point – this tent is quite heavy at nearly 70lb in weight. This is useful to know if you were planning to pack light to the burning man. Although a high total weight, the tent comes in two separate bags that allow the weight to be distributed between two people. If we had just one choice, the Kodiak would be it.

2. Coleman Instant Tent

If you're on a budget or want a tent that sets-up in seconds, this is the one for you.

They have their benefits, but the other tents in this review are heavy and take some time to set-up. If you’re looking for a lightweight burning man tent that erects in under a minute and is more affordable than the Kodiak, the Coleman Instant Tent is the best choice.

You’d think that a quick-erect tent wouldn’t be sturdy, but that isn’t the case here. In fact, the Coleman Instant uses thick poles to create a frame that holds well in winds. The tent can be staked down too, which holds the tent down even more securely. Oh, and these guy-lines are reflective, which prevents any bumps in the night during the festivities.

We mentioned this tent is quick to erect, but you be surprised just how quick it actually is. It takes me and my partner around 40 seconds, but it will take longer your first time. It is quick to set-up because the poles come pre-attached to the material, so you only have to unfold the tent and extend the poles. You can see our other recommended instant tents here.

3. DANCHEL Cotton Bell

If you prefer a different shape of tent, this is our best bell tent for burning man.

Maybe you want a tent with a thick material, but you don’t like the design of the Kodiak. In such case, we would recommend the Danchel Cotton Bell Tent. This is a bell tent that is crafted from a thick cotton material that is effective at protecting users from the elements of the desert.

There are a couple of sizes available, but the large option is 16.6 ft wide and covers a total 216 ft² of ground. As such, this tent is the perfect 8-person tent for burning man. The round shape makes it perfect for hosting gatherings and social occasions. Interestingly, this tent has a jack which allows you to use a stove inside, although I doubt you’ll need this for your burning man trip. Click here to see other stove jack tents.

It protects users in all weather, but the tent really shines when the sun is out and there are minimal winds! This is because the bottom half of the tent can be unzipped, which creates a waterproof canopy tent that provides shade in the burning man heat.

The cotton material comes with many advantages: It is waterproof, fire retardant, and resistant to mold. However, this high-quality material is heavy in weight. In fact, the large tent for burning man weighs a massive 83lb. Like we mentioned with the Kodiak, this may be an issue if you’re backpacking. The bell tent comes with a waterproof carry bag, set-up instructions, poles, guy-lines, and stakes.

How to choose a tent for Burning Man?

Strength – Those that have been to burning man know how fierce the winds can be! That’s why you need a tent that has a strong frame that won’t collapse under intense weather conditions. All tents should be properly staked down. Heavy canvas tents, like the Kodiak Canvas, are perfect at staying stable in strong winds.

Dust-proof – As you are most likely aware, the festival involves a lot of dessert dust! The tent material plays an important role here. This isn’t the time to use a tent with a lot of mesh and open spaces. We need a tent crafted from a thick material that will prevent dust from getting inside. Canvas is the perfect material. To really keep the dust out, all zippers should be zipped-up completely.

Shade – You will need a tent that will provide plenty of shade. You see, during the daylight hours, the sun will be beaming down. This will be pleasant warmth, but a shaded area is vital to stay comfortable during your trip to burning man.

Space – This will come down to personal choice, but festivals are always better in tents that offer plenty of space. The last thing you want is to be cooped up inside a small tent that doesn’t allow you to breath. You will also want to protect your gear from the blowing sandstorms, so make sure you have extra storage space for your gear.


We hope this article has helped you to find the top tent for Burning Man. There are a number of factors to consider before making a purchase, but all Burning-Man tents should be strong, spacious, cooling, and offer excellent dust-protection. Personally, we believe the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is the ultimate burning man tent. However, if you need more portability, then the Coleman Instant is a good choice.

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