The Best Tall Tents You Can Stand Up In

Here you have our list of tents tall enough to stand up in. Whether you want a tall 4-person tent or a tall 2-person tent, all tents in this review will allow you to stand up. Please note that while there are many tall peak height tents, not all of them are up to scratch. In this review you will find 7 foot tall tents in a range of different styles and range of reasons. The only constant is that all tents in this review are above the magic 215cm height. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Camping Tents You Can Stand Up In

1. Coleman Air Valdes 600 XL Tent – 215cm

As well as being tall, this tent is HUGE, covering an area of 344 ft² (32 m²).

The Valdes is a tall inflatable tent for 6 people with a peak height 84.6 in (215cm). As well as being tall, this tent is HUGE, covering an area of 344 ft² (32 m²).  The core structure of the tent is held by air beams, with two standard poles used for the porch area.

If you’re a light sleeper you will love that this tent has a blackout design that blocks 99% of early morning sun. But if the weather isn’t sunny, then the tent protects you from the elements with its impressive waterproof rating of 4500mm.

2. CORE Straight Wall Cabin 10-Person Tent – 218cm

This 10-person tent has a height of 86 in (218cm). Although it is more suitable for 8 people.

This offical 10-person tent has a height of 86 in (218cm). It has a cabin style that is perfect for groups of people. As well as having a high peak height, the straight walls mean this is one of the best tents for tall people.

The tent covers an area of 140 ft² (13 m²) which is split into two units by the removable divider. Although being a large tent, it will be very tight fitting 10 people inside. If there are 10 of you, I would look elsewhere, as this tent is more suitable for 8 people. Typical of this cabin style, the CORE is built for summer camping.

3. Browning Camping Big Horn 8-Person Tent – 221cm

Measuring 87 inches (221cm) high, this tent has walls that allow for a comfortable living area.

The Big Horn 8 is another cabin style tent that commands a high volume of space. The 8-person tent sits at an impressive 87 inches (221cm) at the highest point. Just like with the tent above, the straight walls mean this is a comfortable tent for tall people.

To make camping even easier for large groups, the tent has two doors that both have their own entrance. The total area is 150 ft² (13.9 m²).

Due to the style and lack of full-coverage fly, I would only recommend this tall tent for summer camping only.

4. Crua Core Dome 6-Person Tent – 229cm

The Crua Core is 229cm high, has large doors, and a sizeable porch.

The Crua Core is a unique tent with inflatable air beams. It has a dome structure with air beams that act as the foundation.  With a huge peak height of 229 cm, three large doors, and a sizeable porch, this is the best tall tent for family camping.

Although officially a tall 6-person tent, the Crua Core has an inner area of 192 ft² (17.8 m²) and a porch measuring roughly 67 ft² (6.25 m²), which gives a massive camping size of 259 ft² (24 m²)! If you want a lot of space when camping, this is the one for you.

5. OZARK Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Tepee Tent – 246cm

This is a tall instant tent with an erection time of just 2 minutes!

This Ozark Trail Tepee tent measures a remarkable 97 inches (246 cm) tall. As you can see from the picture, this is a tepee tent, which means it reaches a peak height in the centre.

However, this tent comes with a twist. Unlike any other tepee on the market, this is a tall instant tent. Basically, it has an erection time of just 2 minutes! The tent stands on strong steel legs that are pre-attached to the tent. All you need to do is unfold the legs, and then extend.

Officially, this is a tall tent for 7 people. Multiple pockets and storage compartments allow campers to store all their accessories safely and securely. The tent is suitable for 3-seaosn use, especially thanks to the multiple vents that improve air circulation in humid weather.