The Best Propane Camp Showers – Portable Hot Water Shower for Camping

Here you have our list of our best portable propane showers for camping. There’s not much better than being out in the wild experiencing everything nature has to offer. With that said, we all need a hot shower to freshen up, especially when desert camping. Many people think this isn’t possible while camping, but there are many products that allow you to get a hot shower while camping.

Whether you want to clean off dirt or just relax under hot water, all products in this buyers guide are powerful machines that give a constant flow of heated water. You may notice that there are only three portable hot showers in this review, that’s because many are of poor quality and not recommend by us. You can view our shower tents here. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

With auto shut-off, temp control, and different spray patterns, the Hike Crew is our best hot water camping shower.

The Hike Crew Shower has an innovative propane system effectively heats hot water and provides everything you need to have a hot shower while camping. In fact, all you need is a bucket of water, small propane gas tank, and a compatible power source (car lighter, RV, generator, etc).

Unlike other portable heated showers, the Hike Crew portable shower unit for camping has an impressive LCD display that allows you to monitor temperate and ignition status while you’re showering. The temperature can be adjusted using the low/high heat knobs. As well as temperature adjustment, the showerhead attachment allows for multiple spray patterns, including jet, standard, and spray. 

The auto-shut off safety feature means you don’t have to worry about overheating with this device. This feature works by turning off the burner once water reaches a temperature of 125°F.

So what do you get? The box includes both AC/DC and 12V adapters, showerhead attachment, built-in swinging faucet, pump hose, gas regulator, and carry bag.

2. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

The Camp Chef HWD5 is a portable propane camping shower that offers excellent value.

This portable hot water shower is reliable and gets the job done at less cost than other products on the market. If you’re after budget propane camping shower that still packs a punch, the HWD5 is a great choice.

Fans of hot camping showers will love how the unit is able to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough. Pair this with a winter tent for real warmth. The portable hot shower for camping has a minimal flow of 2 litres a minute and a fast flow of 5 litres a minute.

Versatility is increased further thanks to the multiple shower head settings. You’ll have a choice between mist, jet, and regular shower. Jet is useful for remove rough dirt from cutlery, while the regular shower settings allow users to get a good clean.

The ignition power requires 2D batteries that are not included in the package. It also comes with an automatic function that causes the heater to start working as soon as the water is turned on. The 8-foot water hose makes it easy to reach anywhere and everywhere.  

3. COSTWAY Tankless Propane Camp Shower

Able to reach up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, the Costwast is our safest camping propone shower.

The Costway is able to heat up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the most powerful propane camping shower in this review. Although it is powerful, this is a very safe propane camp shower. In fact, it has an integrated security system that prevents scalds and reduces energy consumption.

It allows for heated showers, but is this heat adjustable? Yes, the unit has a number of knobs that allow you to adjust the heat temperature.

The full-package supplies everything you need to get started. You’ll receive: hoses, showerheads, connectors, and carry bag. The carry bag holds everything with ease so you aren’t struggling with all your camping gear.

What is a propane camp shower?

Like the name suggests, this is a propane-powered shower that is built especially for camping and portable washing. This type of product is lightweight, powerful, and can be used anywhere with a power source. Just like camping pillows, hot showers are a great way to add extra comfort to your camping trip.

Even though they are designed the same, some camp shower units are better than others. In fact, many are not recommend by us, that’s why this list only contains three products.

Do propane showers units allow for hot showers?

Yes! By using a propane shower unit you can enjoy hot showers in your tent. In fact, the powerful propane camp shower units are able to keep the water hot for hours on end, which is great for families. For example, the Camp Chef HWD5 is able to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit and can output 5l of water a minute. Camp Chef is a brand that makes many great camping products, we love their cooking table in our folding camping table review.

Solar showers units are far less effective at keeping water hot. As such, propane showers are the ultimate choice if you want to experience truly hot showers.

If you’re trying to stay warm in winter, you may want to use a wood burning stove for tents.


With such a huge selection of propane camping showers on the market, choosing one is no easy task. You will need to decide on the power that you require, whether you require a lightweight camping shower for portability, and what potential accessories you may need to wash inside a tent. This type of shower unit is also perfect for taking to festivals, like for washing away dirt at Burning Man.

This guide will be regularly updated with the latest and most recommended propane camp showers. Each of the 3 showers in this review has been chosen because of their high-quality. In our opinion, these units are all the best-in-class for their specific categories. With that said, the Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater is our overall favourite. On a similar vain of thought, please check out our recommended propane gas cookers.

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