The Best Portable Pop-Up Privacy Tent for Shower and Toilet

Here you have our list of the best portable privacy tents for toilet and showers. All tents in this review are designed to give you privacy when in the outdoors and wilderness.  They allow you to wash yourself or go to toilet with privacy. You could even use these pop-up privacy tents to get changed when at the beach. Please note that while there are many camping tents for privacy, not all of them are recommended by us. You can also view our favourite camping shower units. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra-Wide Quick Set-Up Privacy Tent

Weighing 14.6lbs, this tent is quick to set-up and is our best instant privacy tent.

As you can tell from the name, this is a quick set-up privacy tent. In fact, the tent should take no more than a minute or two to erect. This is also an extra wide privacy tent, with 5 x 5 ft (1.5 x 1.5 m) floor size, which creates a total area of 25 ft² (2.25 m²). The tent is 6.75 ft (206 cm) tall.

This type of privacy tent can be erected quickly so you can quickly get changed, have a shower or go to toilet. This is also a waterproof privacy tent which means you could use it for extra storage to keep your gear protected. It’s crafted from 190T polyester with a moderate waterproof rating of 800mm.

In regards to its features, you have: towel strap, small pockets, shelf, and 2 mesh rooftop windows.

2. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter

With loads of cool features, this is our best 2-room privacy tent for showers.

As you can probably tell, this is a shower tent with two rooms. With a range of cool features, perhaps the main feature of this tent is the free 5-gallon solar shower, making it our best 2-room shower tent. This 5-gallon portable solar shower attaches to a loop inside the tent, meaning you could attach your own pressured shower should you prefer that.

More than just a privacy tent, the Ozark Trail Changing Shelter comes with storage pockets for your toiletries. It also has a fitted towel rod, allowing you to hang your clothes or towel.

This is an instant privacy tent, which means the tent can be erected in double-quick time! The aluminium coating acts as a reflective cover, meaning no one can see into the tent.

3. KingCamp Oversize Privacy Tent

Measuring 66 × 66 × 85 inches, this is our best large privacy tent for showers.

If you want the largest privacy tent that is built to last, the KingCamp Oversize is the one for you! The main features include a robust frame, support for a 5-gallon shower bag or shower unit, and ventilation.  

Like the Ozark tent, the KingCamp has a range of features that make it ideal for showers, like the towel rope and large pocket with four compartments.

The large shower tent has double-layered windows that are fitted with a mesh that prevents bugs from entering. But don’t worry; the windows can be closed if you want your privacy.

4. WolfWise Pop-Up Privacy Shower Tent

This is our best pop-up privacy tent for showers and toilet.

What’s not to like about this pop-up tent? It’s a simple, lightweight, and erects in less than one minute! In fact, you could very easily erect the tent if nature calls.  You could also use it to quickly get changed at the best. As such, this is our best pop-up changing shelter. 

However, the lightweight design comes at a cost. You won’t be to use a 5-gallon water bag. Instead, a bag under 3 gallons will have to be used. Another slight downside is that the floor has an open bottom, meaning you may want to pack a shower mat with you.

The tent measures 75 x 47 x 47 in inches and has a single large door that is secured by a zipper. Overall, this is a simple, affordable privacy tent that does its job.

5. GigaTent Pop-Up Pod Changing Room Tent

At just 3lbs, this our best lightweight privacy tent.

The Gigatent pop-up changing room is a cheerful and colourful tent that gets the job done. Crafted from polyester, the tent erects in seconds, allowing you to have privacy where you are. The taffeta 190 T water-resistant coating means this tent will withstand the elements.

The lightweight build weighs just 3lbs and comes with a handy carry bag, making it one of the best portable privacy tents.

The only negative is that this 6 foot tent may be slightly short for some people. So, if you’re over 6 foot, you would be better off with the WolfWise above.

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