The Best LED Camping Lanterns

Here you have our list of the best LED lanterns for camping. If there’s one item you don’t want to forget on your night in the wilderness, it’s a bright LED camping lantern. Whether you need the toilet, to pitch your tent, cook your dinner, or play some games, you need a dependable outdoor camping lantern. While there are many LED camping lights on the market, not all of them are recommended by us. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best LED Camping Lanterns

  1. Internova Yeti 1500 Monster LED Camping Lantern
  2. Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern
  3. Streamlight 44947 Super Siege 120V AC Rechargeable and Portable
  4. Rayovac Sportsman  400 Lumen 3D LED Lantern
  5. Core Cree LED Battery Lantern

1. Internova Yeti 1500 Monster LED Camping Lantern

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Want the brightest LED camping lantern? The Internova is the one for you.

If you want the brightest LED lantern, the Internova Yeti 1500 Lantern will be of interest to you. This is a high-lumen lantern that will bring light to even the largest areas.

The highest-lumen LED lantern offers 1500 lumens from a tri-strip LED system, which makes it one of the brightest LED lanterns for camping on the market. It is powered by four D batteries, making it our best and brightest battery powered lantern (although these don’t come included).

Due to its power, we were surprised to find the Internova Yeti surviving on full-power for 5 hours. With that said, if you want a lantern that will last longer, you should go for a less powerful lantern.

Other features include a retractable base hook that allows you to hang the lantern on the inside or outside of your tent. In fact, this is a high power LED lantern that can be used for RVs, garden parties, or as an emergency lantern in power outages

2. Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

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The Etekcity is our best collapsible led camping lantern.

If you value portability and gear that is easy packed away, you’ll appreciate a collapsible led camping lantern. Our favourite in this category is the Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Lantern.

Unlike other lanterns that are cumbersome to carry, the Etekcity fold-ups into a compact shape that can be placed into the corner of any backpack. You can even place the portable LED lantern in the cupboard of your home as an emergency light. They measure 4.9″ X 3.5″ when collapsed, with a weight of only 9.14 ounces.

As well as its great design, the small LED lantern is durable and offers great value for the consumer. In fact, you’ll receive a pack of two lanterns, which is a fantastic offer.

To produce the bright light, the portable lantern lights use white-light-emitting diodes. It offers 60-lumen illumination over 360-degrees, which allows it to light-up the whole tent. Another feature we love is the power-saving capacity that allows for 12 hours of continuous usage. The lanterns use AA batteries that come included with the order.

3. Streamlight 44947 Super Siege 120V AC Rechargeable and Portable

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Want the best rechargeable led lantern for camping? The Streamlight 44947 wins hands-down!

Take one look at the Streamlight 44947, and you just KNOW that this is a high-quality lantern. It’s our best rechargeable camping lantern by far. In fact, even if you don’t normally use this type of lantern, you may want to switch over to the Streamlight 44947.

Unboxing the lantern, you will find: the Super Siege, glare guard, mains adapter, three mains plugs, and some instructions.

Streamlight have thought of everything when designing this rechargeable camp lantern. It has an innovative large carry handle that is wrapped around the outside of the unit. This handle allows th lantern to be carried easily and comfortably.

On the top of the lantern you’ll find a small hanging clip that allows for secure attachment to ceilings, bags, or anything really.

4. Rayovac Sportsman  400 Lumen 3D LED Lantern

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The Rayovac is our best waterproof LED lantern for camping.

Whether you’re a fan of water sports or just prone to an accident, you’ll want to use a waterproof LED camping lantern that is submersible. Imagine losing your light source because the heavens open and you accidently left your lantern outside in the rain all night!

The Rayovac Sportsman Lantern is designed to be “virtually indestructible”, which makes it the perfect waterproof lantern for outdoor adventures. Impressive features include a shatterproof lens and over-mold rubber head. Most impressive is the Ansi IPX7 LED system that is fully-waterproof. As well as durable, the lantern has a powerful beam that allows for over 50 feet of light. You’ll get 5 hours of continuous light on the high setting.

The battery-powered lantern weighs 2.5lb and measures 9.1 x 8.4 x 10.2”, which are fair stats for an LED lantern. It’s not the most backpack-friendly camping lantern, but this is a rugged lantern that outdoor adventurers will love.

5. Core Cree LED Battery Lantern

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The Core Cree is our best red led camping latern.

The Core Cree is one of the brightest CORE LED lanterns on the market today. The main feature of this powered camping lantern is the amber night light, which is perfect for avoiding disruption at night.

In fact, this red light lantern has a total of three light settings. First, there is the full-power 750-lumen setting, then there is the 30-lumen low-mode, and finally there is the 20-lumen amber night mode.

We also love how the red light camping lantern has been designed to withstand impact, which is useful if you tend to drop everything like I do. Inside the impact-resistant structure, you will find a diffuser tube which keeps the light evenly distributed. The lantern is powered by 4 X D batteries, which aren’t included in the package.

How to find the best LED camping lantern?

Now, a camping lantern is an essential piece of camping equipment. They provide necessary light during the pitch-black nights in nature. But with so many camping lanterns on the market, it can be hard to pick just one. In fact, the market is full of hundreds of different lanterns. The actual lantern you purchase will depend on your specific situations, so take the following into account:


What will you be using the lantern for? If you just need an emergency LED lantern, then you can get away with using a large LED camping lantern. However, if you’re going on a backpacking adventure, you need a lightweight camping lantern that you can rely on.


Lanterns come in a number of different strengths. You can get dim lanterns for creating romantic settings, or you can get the brightest battery lantern for achieving the best vision possible.

For example, if you want a ceiling camping lantern to provide light while playing games with your family, 100-lumens of light will be enough. If want the brightest camping lantern to provide the light at a party, you may want a 1500-lumen lantern (which is very bright).


LED camping lanterns can be found in a number of different price ranges, which means there is a lantern to match your personal budget. Don’t be fooled into thinking the higher priced lanterns are automatically the best camp lanterns. It’s good practise to have a maximum figure in mind, and then looking for the best LED camping lantern in that price range.


Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. Just like you can get small LED camping lanterns, you can also get lanterns that are bulky. When shopping for your next camping trip, you need to consider the weight of lantern you are comfortable with carrying.

For example, if you’re going on a backpacking hike, you’ll want to shop for a lightweight LED camping lantern. Those who are driving to a camping site with their family likely won’t care about weight too much.

Easy to use

In an emergency situation, you don’t want to be struggling to get your lantern working. Furthermore, it will likely be pitch-black when you want to use the lantern, so it should be easy to turn out with a simple push of a button.


When camping in the outdoors, you need gear that you can depend on. As such, you need a lantern that is well-built and won’t break when you need it most. Poorly-built lanterns are likely to fail when you need you need a light source. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase budget LED lanterns, but you should take extra caution by reading the reviews associated with that specific lantern.

Additional features

While there are basic lanterns on the market, there are also innovative lanterns that have a number of cool features. These additional features are great to have, but they shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing a specific lantern. For example, don’t give up reliability for the lasted gimmick. After all, the primary job of a lantern is to light-up your camping tent.

Company reputation

Now, before you splash your heard-earned money on that super-bright LED lantern you have your eye on, it can be a good idea to make sure the company is one you can trust. This means reading reviews from what previous customers think about the company and their products. The last thing you want is a lantern that fails when you need it the most.

Rechargeable LED lanterns for camping

With the camping market expanding every day, you can now purchase rechargeable LED camping lanterns. This type of lantern involves a built-in battery that can be charge directly from a power source. Personally, we prefer to use battery operated camping lanterns, but we can see how this cool feature will be loved by many.