The Best Inflatable Tents for Camping – AirBeam & Blow-Up

Here you have our list of the best inflatable tents for camping. All airbeam camping tents in this review include features that are ideal for your camping trips, whatever the season. Please note that while there are many inflatable tents on the market, not all of them are up to scratch and recommended by us. This review is designed to highlight the best blow-up tents. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent

The Hurricane has three air beams thatare spread evenly to create a tunnel-shaped tent that covers 116.3 ft² (10.8 m²).

With three main air beams, the Hurricane 500 can be set up easily and quickly. In fact, it is one of our best inflatable tents. The three beams are spread evenly to create a tunnel shaped tent that covers 116.3 ft² (10.8 m²). Click here for our other tunnel tents.

The Hurricane has three rooms – two sleeping units, plus one front room that has a door to the front and to the side.

2. Vango 5 Person Odyssey Air 500 Tent

The Odyssey Air is a 3-room tent that has a large living room, plus two bedrooms that are separated by a divider.

Overall, this is our best airbeam tent for camping, although it will depend on your specific requirements. Officially, the Odyssey is a 5-person inflatable tent.  With that said, the tent covers a huge total floor area of 160 ft² (14.88 m²), making it the best inflatable family tent. The three-room tent features a large living room, plus two bedrooms that are separated by a divider.

Another thing we love about this tent is the dark rest technology found on the inner tent. This means the material is effective at reducing glare, helping you to get a better night sleep!

The Odyssey is also water-resistant and offers great weather protection. Although this is a 3-season inflatable tent, so is not the best in harsh and cold winter conditions. The total weight is 35lbs (15.9 kg).

3. MOOSE OUTDOORS 10-Person Inflatable Family Tent

With a large living room in the centre, and a bedroom on either side, this tent covers 174.8 ft² (16.2 m²)

The Moose Outdoors is a 3-room inflatable tent for 10 people. It has a large living room in the centre, with a bedroom on either side. It is our best 10-person inflatable tent. The tent covers a full area of 174.8 ft² (16.2 m²), which provides enough space for all campers. 

Like other tents in this review, the Moose Outdoors has an impressive waterproof rating of 3000 mm, which provides water protection in 3 seasons.

4. Robens Aero Yurt 8 Man Airventure Air Tent

The single room tent covers a large 181 ft² (16.8 m²) area, making it feel very spacious.

This Robens Aero Yurt 8 features 8 airbeams that are inflated via a single valve. As well as being for 8-people, the tent measures a very high 106.3 inches (270cm) and covers a large 181 ft² (16.8 m²) area, making it feel very spacious inside the single room.

Thanks to a breathable poly-cotton structure, the Robens tent is suitable for all seasons. Further increasing its weatherproof design, the tent has 10000mm waterproof-rated 210T Oxford polyester floor in a bathtub design.

5. Vango Odyssey Air 800 Tent

The Odyssey 800 is a 5-room inflatable tent that will protect your damilt from the elements.

This is a bigger version of the Odyssey 500 listed above. It has 5 separate rooms, making it one of the best inflatable family tents for camping. Users will enjoy relaxing in the large living area that sits in the centre of the tent which has two access doors. The tent also features two sleeping areas that are both divided in two units separated by a removable divider.

Like other tents from the Vango brand, the Odyssey 800 has a waterproof rating of 4000mm, meaning this is one of the best inflatable tents for rain. So if you want a 3-season family tent that will keep you dry, the Vango Odyssey is the one for you. You can view other waterproof family tents here.

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