The Best Dome Tents for Camping

Here you have our list of the best dome-shaped camping tents. Please note that while there are many dome tents, not all of them are recommended by for camping. This review is designed to highlight the top dome camping tents. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent

Built for 5 people, this compact dome tent uses two poles to create a structure covering 80 ft² (7.44 m²).

The Taurus 5 is a 5-person dome tent that uses two poles to create a inner dome structure covering 80 ft² (7.44 m²). If this doesn’t seem enough space, don’t worry, 32 ft² (3.25 m²) of space is added thanks to two vestibules.

The floor is crafted from durable 210D nylon, the full-coverage fly is crafted from 75D polyester, and the poles are aluminium – resulting in a 3-season tent that will protect you from the elements. Oh, and the tent has a waterproof-rating of 1500mm.

2. Eureka Midori Basecamp 6 Tent

Built for 6 people, this compact dome tent features two poles that create an X-shape structure.

The Eureka Midori Basecamp features two poles that are positioned to create an X-shape structure. The tent is fully freestanding and built for 6 people. The dome tent has a fair waterproof rating of 1500mm, but the full-coverage fly means this is definitely a 3-season dome tent.

Now, this tent is not for you if you want a tent with windows, as it doesn’t have any. Furthermore, the tent only covers 85 ft² (7.9 m²), so you’ll be in for a snug experience if you’re camping in a large group. With that said, the vestibules add a further 38 ft² (3.5 m²) of space.

3. The North Face Wawona 6 Tent

The Wawona is a 6-person tent with an extended dome structure.

Although the inside covers a mere 86.11ft² (8 m²), the Wawona also features a large porch and another vestibule, which are 44.7ft² (4.2 m²) and 21ft² (2 m²) respectfully.

The extended dome structure has a single layer design with 3 external doors and 3 internal doors (6 in total). The 3-season dome tent has two large mesh windows and two roof-top vents.

4. Coleman Red Canyon 8 Tent

The 8-person Red Canyon offers 170 ft² (15.6 m²) of total floor space.

This Red Canyon is our best dome tent for 8 people. It offers 170 ft² (15.6 m²) of total floor space, which allows comfort for big families. Despite the generous size, the 3-room dome tent has only one entry door.

The tent weighs in at 22.4lbs (10.16 kg), which is affair weight for a tent of this size. Fortunately, it packs down well, so you’ll still have space in your car boot.

We would say this is the best dome tent for summer camping as the structure suits warmer weather and the waterproof rating is not known. With several poles, this isn’t the easiest to set-up when compared to some instant erection tents. However, the other benefits mean that this is a popular camping tent.

5. Mobihome 6-Person Family Camping Tent

The Mobihome is a 6-Person Dome Tent with dimensions of 13.5 x 7 ft, which gives a total area of around 75 ft² (7 m²).

The Mobihome is a 6-Person Dome Tent for camping. The Mobihome has an extended dome structure that is semi-instant. Basically, the tent features central a frame that opens like an umbrella. Two side poles add support to a solid structure.

Although the Mobihome seems big, this is a compact 6-person dome tent.  The tent has dimensions of 13.5 x 7 ft (410 x 210 cm), which gives a total area of around 75 ft² (7 m²). As the name suggests, this is our best lightweight dome tent. It weighs just 14.3lbs (6.5 kg)