The Best Camping Fridge

Camping in summer is an enjoyable experience. Well, when you have plenty of cool refreshments to hand. Fortunately, there are many camping fridges that keep your food and drink cool, regardless of the climate outside.

This guide will regularly be updated with the latest portable camping fridges for sale. Each of the 5 camping fridge freezers in this review has been chosen due to their ability to keep refreshments cool for long periods while camping.

Now, reading about fridges isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it’s vital to only purchase a fridge that is suited to your specific needs. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Dometic Combicool 3-Way Portable Absorption Cool Box

Powerful and voluminous, this fridge allows you to adjust the temperature to the perfect setting.

The Dometic Combicool is a gas-powered fridge that is able to get to -33 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature. It has a total volume of 41L, which is enough to store 8 x 2L bottles. As an absorption fridge, the unit is great for keeping a family’s refreshments cool for as long as they need. The fridge is well-built with an aluminium build that withstands bumps and knocks. As such, this is our best 3 way camping fridge.

As a gas fridge, it is important to keep safety in mind. The good news is that the 3 way fridge has 3-stage flame regulation that maintains protection when the fridge is used in gas mode. The best feature is the thermostat regulation, which allows you to control the fridge temperature.

The inside of the camping fridge freezer has a cabinet that is great for keeping your refreshments nicely organized. It also comes with an ice cube tray to make your own ice cubes. The recessed sides allow you to easily move the fridge from place to place.

2. Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer

Another premium option, the 31L fridge can reach temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius and has interior lighting.

If you want a premium-grade portable fridge for camping, the Dometic CDF-36 is a great choice. Although quite pricey, the range of features is very impressive. The 31L capacity fridge also doubles as a freezer that is able to reach levels of -15 degrees Celsius, which is great for storing meats and ice cream.

The digital display allows users to control the temperature to the perfect setting. It even has interior lighting, which allows you to reach for a midnight snack. The shape of this electric fridge is different than other fridges in this review. This shape allows you to store lots of goodies, while also saving precious space in your tent.

As this is a powerful camping fridge, you would expect it be loud, but this far from the case. The camp fridge works silently to keep your food and drink cold.

3. VonShef Electric Cool Box

Discover a budget camping fridge for keeping your food and drink cool on days in the sun.

Shopping on a budget? The VonShef is a budget camping fridge that is powered by electricity. The unit is able to reach 8 degrees Celsius, which is enough to keep your food and drink cool in hot conditions.  The 22L capacity is ideal for family trips to the beach or couple weekend adventures.

The camping fridge is lightweight and easy to take from place to place. It has a 12V connector, so you can plug the fridge into your car.  The compact design is great for saving space. We appreciate that it opens from the top, which means it can be kept amongst other gear.

Now, it will keep your items cool, but it can’t keep your items ice-cold like the two fridges above. It’s a great budget camping fridge for keeping your food and drink cool and out of the summer sun.

4. Mobicool Camping Coolbox

The Mobicool Coolbox is a great all-rounder that keeps your refreshments cold.

Don’t need a freezer but need something to keep your food colder than the fridge above? The Mobicool Coolbox has a 29L capacity and is able to keep your refreshments cold for your camping trip. It is powered by a 12V connector, which can be plugged into your car or other electricity source. The insulated (foam) rim is great for not letting warm air leak into the 12v camping fridge.

This is a great all-rounder that can be found at a great price point. If you want a simple coolbox that will keep your food cold while not costing more than your trip, give this fridge a closer look.

5. Royal 3-Way Absorption Cooler

Here we have a large 3-way camping fridge with a 42L capacity.

Camping with a large group? Then you’ll need a large camping fridge like this 42L unit. The portable gas fridge is powered by gas with a gas cylinder that keeps it cool. The cooling function is enough to keep your food and drink cold even in summer conditions. In fact, the gas cylinder has enough power to last over a week. As a 3 way camping fridge for sale, you will need to keep your tent well-ventilated.

You can also power the camping fridge via mains electricity or in a vehicle on a 12v. We also appreciate that the cooler isn’t loud and is super to clean inside, which isn’t the case with all camping fridges.

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