The Best 8-Person Tents for Camping

Here you have our list of the best camping tents for eight people. All tents in this review are designed specifically to be able to handle up to 8 people. Please note that while there are many family tents for 8 people, not all of them are recommended. This review is designed to highlight the top 8-people camping tents. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Eureka! Copper Canyon

Although large when erect, this tent packs down to a respectable 10x28 inches in size and 11lbs in weight.

As a subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors, Eureka is a well-respected tent brand. In fact, they make tents good enough for the military!

At 14x12x7 feet, this is one of the largest 8-person tents. This is exactly why we would recommend this tent to families who want to maximise space. Although large when erect, the Copper Canyon packs down to a respectable 10×28 inches in size and 11lbs in weight – making it our best lightweight 8-person tent.

To prevent water from leaking, the tent has fully-sealed seams. The Canyon also has 2 mesh doors, top ventilation 4 mesh windows. This sounds like a lot of airflow, but these fixtures can be closed, meaning this is also three-season 8-person camping tent.

Every best 8-person tent for families must have excellent storage features. Fortunately, the Canyon has six storage pockets two lofts.  Further increasing its family-friendly design, the tent has a zippered power port, which allows users to run extension cords. 

2. NTK Laredo GT

Measuring 15x10 feet, the NTK Laredo GT is another big 8-person camping tent.

Measuring 15×10 feet, the NTK Laredo GT is another big 8-person camping tent. In fact, this tent may be big enough for 9 or 10 people. Although it’s not the heaviest tent on the market, at 23lbs, it definitely isn’t the lightest.  

The floor of this tent is a solid piece and treated to be water resistant and anti-fungal.  Like with all good 8-man family tents, the Laredo GT has multiple mesh vents and windows for maximum airflow. With that said, the tent is not just good for summer camping – the full-coverage rainfly protects against poor conditions, making this a 3-season 8-man camping tent.

When first looking at the tent, you would think it would be hard to erect, but this is not the case.  The Laredo utilizes a clever design that only uses 4 poles, making the set-up a quick and easy process.

3. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

At over 7.5 foot in height, this is one of the highest 8-person tents!

Browning is a brand known for making hard-wearing tents that are built to last. They are smaller compared to other brands in this review, but they are highly-respected and well worth a look.

Measuring 10×15 feet, the Big Horn is easily big enough for a camp of 8 people.  At over 7.5 feet in height, this is one of the tallest 8-person tents!

At 34lbs in weight, this won’t win any awards for the best 8-person backpacking tent. With that said, the Big Horn is light enough for those that drive or are camping for longer periods.

The Big Horn has multiple mesh windows for airflow, but don’t worry, they can be closed off should the weather turn.  Furthermore, the Big Horn comes with an all-season rain-fly, although we see this an a 3-season 8-person camping tent. Essentially, the Big Horn will need you warm and dry in wet weather, but there are better options in real winter weather.

We love how the tent has a divider that adds some privacy in the sleeping area – this is always preferred on multi-person tents. We would prefer if the tent had gear lofts included, but the tent does have storage pockets for your camping essentials.

4. Coleman Montana

Featuring the innovative WeatherTec system and LED lighting system.

Coleman’s Montana tent is one of most-used 8-person tent for families that you’ll see on the camp site – and we can see why!

The Montana is 16-foot long and 7-foot wide.  This long shape allows for more storage space, although this is one of the snugger 8-man tents.  In it’s packed form, the Montana measures just 27x8x8 inches and weighs in at a lightweight of around 20lbs.

The Montana features Coleman’s innovative WeatherTec system, welded seams, and a shape that allows rain to easily run off. As well as being a waterproof 8-person tent, the Montana has ventilation for increased circulation when the sun is shining.

Coleman is well-known brand that looks after their customers. If you want an 8-person tent that you can rely on, the Montana may be the one for you.