The Best 14-Person Tents for Camping

Here you have our list of the best-rated tents for 14 people. All family tents in this review include features that are ideal for large-group camping, whatever the season. Please note that while there are many family tents for 14 people, not all of them are up to scratch. This review is designed to highlight the top 14-people camping tents. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

This 14-person camping tent from Ozark has a cabin structure that covers 222 ft².

The Ozark Trail Base is a 4-room tent for 14 people. The large tent also has 4 different entry points, plus 12 large windows. This is one of the best 14-man tents for campers who want privacy; this is all thanks to built-in dividers which have zippers in the centre.

The tent has a total ground area of roughly 222 ft² (20 m²), making it easily big enough for 5 large double beds. 

2. Ozark Trail 14-Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

Sitting at 84" high, this is one of the highest 10-person tents on the market.

Another tent from the Ozark brand, the Spring Lodge has a floor area of roughly 189 ft² (17.5 m²), which includes 2 rooms plus the screen room. If you prefer your extra privacy, you can change the screen porch into a fully-enclosed room via the zippered panels.

The tent feels very “homely” – it has a lot of features and utilities that will keep you comfortable while at the camp site. One of these features is the closets that have mesh shelves for storage.

Technically, this is a 3-season tent, although we would recommend it for only the warmer months. This is a tall 14-person tent at 84 inches high, meaning it is not suited for high winds.

3. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14-Person Large Family Cabin Tent

The Carson is a 14-person tent with 3 seperate rooms and front porch - perfect for large families

This is a 3-room 14-person tent that is perfect for large families. As well as the three main rooms, the Carson has a front screen room which acts as a porch.

Including the porch, the Carson tent covers a total area is 276 ft² (25.8 m²). The inner rooms are separate by walls that add a touch of privacy – something that is needed for large family camping trips.

The tent has no less than six large windows which are fitted with mesh and zippered panels. Basically, this is a large 14-person camping tent that offers comfort in the outdoors.

4. Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person 3-Season Tent

The Glacier is a 14-person cabin tent with a large living room to the front and a divided sleeping area to the rear.

The Glacier is a 14-person tent with a large living room to the front and a divided sleeping area to the rear. It is tunnel-cabin style tent with 8 legs and 4 roof loops.

Now, this if officially a 3-season tent, but we would recommend this mostly as a 14-person tent for summer camping due to the meshed-ceiling. With that said, the fabric has a waterproof rating of 1200mm, so it will handle rain.

5. Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14-Person 20′ x 17′ Tent

This is 14-person tent has a Y-shaped design that covers an area of roughly 237 ft².

As you can tell from the name, this is a huge tent with dimensions of 18 x 18 feet. In fact, the Y-shaped tent covers an area of roughly 237 ft². The 14-person tent is true to size, which means it is big enough for 14 people to sleep inside.

With multiple rooms that have private access points, this is our best tent for groups of couples who want privacy. With that said, the tent has one “master room” with an entrance door that is double the size of the others.

Luxury features include an E-port, storage pockets, and bottle holders on the tent walls.

6. Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14-Person 20′ x 17′ Tent

The Tahoe Gear Manitoba features a unique T-shape that measures roughly 220 square feet (20 m²).

The Tahoe Gear Manitoba features a unique T-shape. The exact number is not known, but guesses are around 220 square feet (20 m²).

As you may see in the picture, the tent has a total of 5 windows (including the 2 on the door), all of which have mesh protection. The tent utilizes a 70D/ 190T polyester material on the walls, with a floor made from 120-gram polyethylene.

The benefits of 14-person tents

So, why get a 14-person tent? Perfect for large group camping, this type of tent has many benefits, here’s a few:

Large area

Like you would expect, 14-person tents are large. They need to have enough space to house a massive amount of people. However, please take into account that most 14-person tents will be too small to actually house 14 people. This type of tent is usually more suited to 10 people. This is because the tent manufacturers determine the capacity on how many pads fit on the floor space, which isn’t how everyone will be sleeping in reality.

Multiple rooms & multiple doors

14-person tents typically come with multiple rooms and doors. In fact, this type of tent can be thought of as a mini camping house. With so many separate rooms and entrances, this type of tent is ideal for those who value privacy. You may want to view our recommended multi-room tents.

Storage spaces

Like we previously mentioned, 14-person tents are a bit like mini houses. As such, they usually come with excellent storage space. This includes cabinets and mesh storage space. The large tents also usually come with screen houses that add more protection from insects and bad weather.

Multiple windows

Tents for 14 people have large boxy structures with large windows on all sides. This gives campers a full view of the outside, something that you won’t find in most tents.

Improved headroom

14-person tents are just as tall as they are wide, which gives lots of headroom for campers. So, if you’re a tall person, you will have no worries when using this type of tent. You may also want to view more tall tents.


With so many 14-person tents on the market, it can be hard to pick just one for your large vacation. We recommend making notes of your exact needs. For example, write down the size, weight, and how much you want to spend — among other things.

Each of the 14-person tents in this review has been chosen because they are the best-in-class for their specific purpose. For example, the Ozark Base Camp is our best 14-person tent with multiple rooms. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Please do share it with your family and friends if you found it helpful.

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