Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome Tent Summary

In this Coleman Sundome 4-Person tent review will be looking at the pros and cons of one of the most popular tents on the market.

Coleman are a well-respected brand with products that are generally high-quality and affordable to most campers.  And this is certainly the case with the Sundome. It’s a best-selling tent that is available is a number of different sizes, although we will be discussing the 4-person version in this review. Without further ado, let’s get started. Click here for our other 4-person tents.


  • Size: 4-Person
  • Rating: 3-season
  • Weight: 9.3lb
  • Center height: 59”
  • Base Size: 9ft x 7ft
  • Packed size: 13″ x 33″ x 8″
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Floor: 1000D Polyethylene

Who is the Coleman Sundome for?

In short, this tent is ideal for couples and small grounds of friends who want a reliable tent for summer camping. It can manage four people, but it will be a tight fit, especially when you consider the lack of storage space for backpacks. With enough space for a queen size mattress, this tent is perfect for couples who will be camping inside along with their gear.

As an affordable tent, the Sundome is great for those who don’t go camping every week. It’s a reliable tent that will serve you well and won’t break the bank.

Although the tent is waterproof, we wouldn’t recommend this tent for extreme weather. It will keep you dry, but there are better options for camping in heavy rain. You can view our list of waterproof tents here.

The tent weighs 9.7 lb (4.4 kg) which means it can be taken with you on short journeys. It is not a backpacking tent, but it is light enough to be portable.


  • Easy to set up
  • Strong and durable
  • E-cable electric
  • Built-in windows
  • Waterproo


  • Lack of vestibule means this tent is more suited to 2-3 people
  • Not suited to extreme weather conditions


One of the biggest benefits of the Sundome is the quick-set up. In fact, it takes me less than 10 minutes to get it set-up fully. Although it will take you longer the first time you attempt it. The quick set-up is thanks to the patented pin-and-spring system and continuous pole sleeves. The tent packs away in a quick time too. Just pack it down, and then store it inside the zipped storage bag.

Materials + WhetherTec

The Coleman Sundome is built using fibreglass poles to form a dome construction. Around the poles you will find a polyester fabric that incorporates the patented WeatherTec System:

  • Wind-resistant – As part of the WeatherTec System, the Sundome has a wind-responsive frame that won’t break in high winds. The structure can be made even stronger by using the guy-out lines & triangles.
  • Water-resistant – As well as waterproof polyester fabric, the tent has inverted seams that prevent water from leaking inside. This tent’s floor is water-resistant too! It is made from Polyethylene that is welded to the tent walls to create a tub design. For further protection you could use a durable tarp underneath the tent.

Even though this WeatherTec system sounds impressive, there are far better tents for dealing with heavy rain. With that said, the Sundome will keep you dry during those sudden summer downpours. The Sundome has a mesh vent near the bottom that is partially adjustable by setting a stake.


The 4-person Sundome has a total floor area of 63 square feet, which technically allows for four sleeping bags to squeeze inside. With that said, it would be more comfortable with 2-3 people, depending on how much gear you take with you.


With no vestibules, there won’t be much space for you to store your large gear if there are four of you. The tent has built-in mesh pockets for you to store small items off the ground.


We hope this Coleman Sundome 4 review has helped you to gain a better perspective of this tent. To sum up, for fair weather camping this is hard to beat, especially for the price. Although it has a capacity of 4 people, it would be better suited for 2-3 people.

You’ll be protected from the weather thanks to the Coleman WeatherTec system that features welded flooring and inverted seams for rain protection. But with that said, the tent is not the best for bad weather, only light rain. The Sundome is best suited for summer camping. The Coleman Sundome – An economical tent that does a positive job.

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Coleman Sundome FAQ

Q: Does the Coleman Sundome tent come with stakes?

Yes, although they aren’t premium.

Q: Does this tent have multiple rooms?

No, this is a one-room tent.

Q: Does this tent have a ceiling hook?

Yes, it has a small ring to hang a lantern or fan.

Q: Is the roof made from mesh?

There is lots of mesh in the Sundome, which makes it a great summer tent.

Q: Does the Sundome come with rain-fly, footprint, stakes, etc?

It comes with rain-fly and stakes, but there is no vestibule or additional footprint.

Q: Can a single person set the tent up?

Yes, it takes me roughly 15 minutes on my own.