The Best Folding Camping Tables – Lightweight and Portable

Here you have our list of the best folding tables for camping. There’s nothing better than being at-one with nature alongside your family or friends. With that said, all of us need a stable camping table for an extra touch of comfort. Whether your want a camping coffee table or roll-top camping table, all products in this buyers guide have designs that make them ideal for camping out in the wild. Please note that while there are many tables for camping, not all of them are recommended by us. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Folding Camping Tables

  1. G4Free Ultralight Folding Camping Table
  2. REDCAMP 2ft Folding Camping Table
  3. Helinox Table One
  4. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table
  5. Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding Camping RV Picnic Table

1. G4Free Ultralight Folding Camping Table

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Able to slip into your bag, the G4Free is our best-value camping table.

With a roll-up design, this is an ideal lightweight camping table for backpacking and those on a budget. The camping table is crafted from tear-resistant 600D oxford fabric that is lightweight but strong.

The medium size table offers 22.2 x 16.5 x 15.3 inch of surface area, yet weighs just 0.75kg. The roll-up camp table folds into a carrying bag of just 23 x 2.2 inch. The side pocket is ideal for storing camping essentials, like a torch, lighter, or phone.

2. REDCAMP Small Folding Table with Adjustable Height

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This aluminum camp table is our best small folding camp table.

The REDCAMP is our choice for when you need a  table for camping that is small. It has a strong build, yet is compact enough to take on your adventures. In fact, the folding camp table is crafted from fiberboard and upgraded-aluminum alloy, which is both water-proof & stain-resistant.

With such a stable surface you can use the camping table for your laptop, games, or even use it as a camping stove table.

As an adjustable height camping table, you can move the table between two height settings. The high height measures 19’’, while the low height measures 10.2’’. When the aluminium folding camping table is set-up you’ll get a surface area of 23.6 x 15.7 x 10.2/19 inch.

3. Helinox Table One

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A premium version of the G4Free, this is our best camping table for backpacking.

The Helinox is another compact camping table. It can be thought as the premium version of the G4Free table listed first in this review. The table measures 23 x 15.5 inches, with a height of 15.5 inches.

Advanced proprietary aluminum alloy keeps the weight to just 1.5lbs, while allowing for a maximum weight capacity of 110lbs. This is virtually unheard of for such a backpacking table like this.

Right in the middle of the table you’ll find a pair of mesh cup holders that will keep your drinks safe from being knocked over. Another great feature is the internal bungee cord system that assembles the poles with just one pull – allowing for super-fast erection.

4. Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table

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With compartments for your utensils, this is our best camping table for cooking

The Camp Chef is a table for cooking your favourite meals whilst at the campsite. In fact, the fold out table comes with a range of features that transforms the table into a portable camping kitchen unit.

At the top of the table you’ll find a stable surface that you can balance heavy items, like a cooker. Under the camping cooking station you will find four compartments that can hold your cooking utensils and cutlery. In fact, one of the compartments acts as its very own sink!

The Sherpa has top dimensions of 27” x 17”. This is also a camping table with extendable legs, allowing campers to set the table from 15 3/4″ to 28″

5. Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding Camping RV Picnic Table and Bench Set

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Sturdy and strong, this is our best camping table and chairs set.

If you’re going as a family you may want a folding camping table and chairs set. The table set is big enough for four adults, yet everything folds down to a size that will easily fit inside your car. In fact, the benches attach to the table for even better storage. You may also want to see our recommended large family tents to use with this set.

The table measures 42 x 24 x 28.9inches, while the benches measure 36.9 x 8.5 x 16.5inches. To make them family-friendly, the set is coated in a rust-resistant coating that contains UV inhibitors for extra protection.

Many of the picnic tables on the market aren’t strong enough for adults and heavier people. This is our favourite large camping table set as it has a strong construction that seats four comfortably.